Planning and Development

Novo Group’s planners add value from project inception, offering expert advice on:

  • site-suitability, development feasibility, risk identification and resolution;
  • site layout and building design parameters in terms of District Plan and resource consent requirements;
  • planning under the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act, development contributions, consultation requirements, and other planning processes;
  • the relevant timeframes, costs, risks and opportunities associated with the resource consent approval process; and
  • the most effective and efficient options for obtaining resource consent where that is required.

We have experience with projects large and small, including:

  • outline development planning and rezoning for large commercial, industrial and residential developments;
  • development consenting for large-scale retail, commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential projects;
  • preschools, motels, medical facilities, cafés/restaurants, mixed-use developments and small scale retail, office and industrial developments;
  • single-dwelling and multi-unit residential projects, and site improvements.

We provide a comprehensive service, including: project team liaison, preparation of consent applications and assessments, coordination of other experts, Council-liaison, and presentation of expert evidence at Environment Court and council hearings.